Monday, October 07, 2019

Monday's Child is full of Links!

1.  Febreeze.

2.  Hatin' on "Joker."

3.  The argument that Trump did nothing wrong. And....besides, Rick Perry made him do it.

4.  "P'owning the Lib/Fash" is not enough.

5.  "But Trump is really a libertarian." Or, not.

6.  I happen to think that, on net, Brexit is a bad idea. But reasonable people can disagree, and still be reasonable. Remarkable that such views make one a "fascist," for the left.

7. 30 years after the "Velvet Revolution" in Czech Republic.

8.  On the 100th birthday of JM Buchanan.

9. Self-censoring.

10. The very notion of economic "policy" is problematic.

11.  It's a good idea to learn to identify bad ideas.

12.  College libraries.

13.  Yankee fans at the playoff games all have their own trust funds and can't imagine having to WORK for a living. So they mock people who DO work.

14. Robots.

15. The bear cubs who locked themselves in the car and then blew the horn are big in India. Cuteness sells everywhere.

16. Making office hours less scary?

17. Stingy millennials. All that saving.

18.  Country music no longer exists. But, bluegrass abides.


It's a shame; P-Kroog had been doing better lately, sticking to international trade, a subject he actually knows something about. But this is just asinine. Debt is money that some actual people borrow, and use the money for narrow, selfish reasons. That money must be paid back by someone else, in this case by people who are not yet born and can't possibly be said to have consented.  The idea of "cost" to an entire nation is nonsense. The point is the distributional consequences, which Paul claims he cares about in other contexts.

I understand Paul takes himself seriously. But when he says stupid sh*t like this, how can anyone ELSE take him seriously?

Monday, September 30, 2019

Monday's Child is Full of Liniks

1.  Pumpkin Spice SPAM sold out in a few hours. I hope this means that they only made 4 cans of it. BUT....I don't think this means that. What is WRONG with you people?

2.  Swimmers and runners have different arm and leg muscle development, which makes sense. But they also have different heart development.

3. A Brit view of judicial REview.

4.  Tik-Tok.

5.  Markets and capitalism saved the whales.

6.  Why impeachment now?

7.  Interesting interview on Foucault, and the Austrians.

8. Learning by biking.

9. The horrible lantern fly invasion.

10.  Sex work is complicated. So is regulating it.

11.  Are we possessed by our possessions?

12.  Collective brain.

13. Boaty McBoatface.

14.  The China Gambit.

15. My paper on attention distribution as a measure of salience, in Public Choice. With Libby Jenke.

16. It's pretty straightforward. Protectionism is a huge tax increase. On American consumers.

17. A Twitter thread on history. Our rail system is built to accommodate a couple of horses' asses.

18.  Tipping in the gig economy.

19.  Cherry tariffs.

20.   Screaming babies in the air.

21. The Meaning of Life, in less than five minutes.

22. Nietzsche and the Meaning of Life, in more than five minutes.

23. Conservatives are useless. Again.

24. Remarkably tortured reasoning: ban vaping because some people use illegal black market capsules.  Should ban cars, because some bank robbers use them as getaway vehicles.

25. Howdy Modi


Dude wants to propose to his lady.  At the zoo is strange enough. But at the hippo pool? Okay, whatevs. But then Fiona Hippo decides to photobomb the shot of the actual ask.  I guess all the ladies of all species want to say "aw...." at the sight of some dude proposing in public. Well done, Fiona.

Monday, July 01, 2019

Monday's Child is Full of Links

1.  VAR in women's Copa Mundial:  You are not good.

2.   WWII bomb in a barley field.  In Germany.

3.  Kamala Harris is a cop, and a political cop at that.

4.  Nationalism.

5.  Garbage pickup in Italy, and then in Raleigh.

6.  What does "voluntary" actually mean?  I claim we need the concept of "euvoluntary."  And Ricardo G and I wrote this, which I'm pretty proud of.

7. In San Francisco, you can have marijunan, but not e-cigs.

8.  Robots and jobs. Written by a person named "Anneken," no less.

9.  Peter Singer shows he is actually committed to the principles of liberalism, because he is a utilitarian.

10.  The illiberal right.

11.  Tennessee Wine and Spirits Assoc v. Blair.

12.  Florida Man and his moods:  First, hungry.  And then, wanting love from pet snake.  (Yes, from 2015, but still....)

13. Animal control, out of control?   It appears to be real, though the charges may be dropped. To be fair to the AC officers, though.....the thing itself. It is actually the law.

14.  The worst contract ever. And today is Bobby Bonilla day!  8%. They agreed on 8%. The Mets management is unbelievably dumb.

15.   Trump wants him some parades.

16.  Predicting the future.

17.  The scolds are coming.

Grand Lagniappe:  Remy!

Monday, June 24, 2019

Monday's Child is Full of Links

1.  Asset Liquidation, small college specialty. (Markets in everything)

2.  Georgia and their primary problem....

3.  The thing, itself, in Phoenix.

4.  From my excellent Duke colleague Sarah Bermeo.

5.  The Facebook LIBRA.

6.  "She's Gotta Have It," Netflix version.

7.  Burns and White on the Fed Under Trumpism.

8. Trump's Iran "Deal".

9.  Regulating the Unicorns.

10.  Wow. Oberlin really screwed this up.

11.  There was no word. Then Gary Larson made one up. Now: Thagomizers are a thing. Really.

12. Micro-aggression hot-lines are perhaps not a great idea.

13.  "Expressive Behavior" by Arye Hillman.

14.  "Buchanan and the Nature of Choice," Lewis and Behal-Dold.

15.  Physical attraction is not a rational process. Whatever its current status, it was attached by evolved processes to reproductive success. Thus, if it is true that "Trans People Are Excluded From the World of Dating," it may well be that physical attraction is complex, NOT that people are bigots. And, of course, people may be bigots. Both things can be true.

16.  Amazon's "Tiny Kiosk."

17. It turns out that if you are good at Matlab you can do things like this. If you want some background....

18.  Are "food deserts" caused by limited supply, or narrow demand? The answer is both. But limited and narrow demand for unhealthy foods is by FAR the greater cause.  On the other hand, there is a big effect on demand from having means-tested subsidy.  "Good" food is a normal good, in other words.  Forthcoming in QJE....

19.  No apprentice.

20. Aged, living alone.  Say "Hello in there."

21. Bustin' outta "whale jail."

22.  The future of policing is private?

23.  Libra may have been born under a bad sign....

24.  Hal Varian, and kale.

25.  The urge to DO something.

26. Medieval sexualizing.

27.  Anaxagoras:  The Moon Rocks.

28.  The way of carnal lust: Medieval nuns and sexual governability

29.  Texas water politics.

30. If a woman's body is a crime scene, that's not decriminalization.

Grand Lagniappe: The LMM had an "important" birthday this week.  Happy rainbow!

Monday, March 25, 2019

Monday's Child is Full of Links

1.  My closet is in the cloud.

2.  Divorce in the UK. Deciders, not sliders.

3.  Calling out Chelsea.

4.  If you're worried about stocks, buy a house.

5.  Dem candidates on housing.

6. I understand that AirBnb presents regulatory challenges. But this dumb sh*t is clearly not the way to go.

7.  On a "national divorce."

8.  How a "foreign correspondent" might cover the scandal on US college admissions.

9. Instagram: Hive of conspiracy theorists?

10. Did capitalism save Sweden?

11.  Dune.

12.  Is capitalism sustainable?

13.  Little tiny baby fox puppies.

14.  This is from May 2017. But the wall STILL won't work.

15. The best argument for capitalism is the grocery store. It seems mundane, but it's pretty great.

16. A panda trying to get into a hammock.

17. Witch Windows....

18. Clearly, I live in a bubble. Had never heard of Scruff. Reducing all sorts of transaction costs.

19.  The end of significance.

20.  The Electoral College is just federalism.

21.  Zoning and "political capitalism."

22.  Mother Russia.

23.  Guy writes article where the tl;dr is "If you are an idiot like I am, you should drop FB."

24.  Escaped Wallaby Walkabout would be a great name for a band.

25.  The EC is okay, but it's not worth defending at all costs. It is, in fact, an anachronism.

26.  In Tomorrow 3.0 I talk about "saltation" as an alternative to separation. But it's not really happening.

27. How many chuggas before the first choo?

Grand Lagniappe:

Monday, March 11, 2019

Monday's Child is Full of Links

1.  Eternal employment.

2.  The nanny state gets all real.

3.  I do want to thank all you kids. Yes, I'm already rich and all. But it's good of you younglings to pay for all my healthcare anyway. We just need more of you. I plan to be expensive.

4.  The Momo hoax. Local news is an active participant.  Including the ridiculous talking heads at WRAL, our home news fabricator here in Raleigh.  Embarrassing.

5.  Famines no longer exist, unless there is a war or a state uses famine as a weapon of genocide. Capitalism is not the only reason, but it's a big part of the reason this is true.

6.  Now that Amazon is up to 5% of the retail market, they must be broken up. Wait, what? That's 5%, folks. Not 50%, just 5%.

7.  He's tall, he's rich, he's got good hair and creamy white skin. Why should Manafort have to be in some icky jail? Well, because he's a $^&%*^&% criminal, for one thing.

8.  Tipping flight attendants. But it's only on in-flight purchases. I tip in the Sky Club. Why not in the sky?

9.  On Ilhan Omar. To her credit, criticizes Obama.  Good for her.

10.  I'm not sure people who advocate socialism "don't understand" what socialism is. But I know that we disagree about what socialism is.

11. "The Walk" was not good.

12.  Researchers, or corporate allies?

13.  The dishwater of orthodoxies.

14.  Facial recognition.

 15.   W F Buckley.

16.  Aid to Venezuela?

17.  Not sure this is real. But it says....something. Not sure
just what.

18.  Images of the divine.

19. I'm not sure this is on the up-and-up. Twice? Same store?

20.  People who believe in magic always want to destroy technology, because they think it's magic.

21. Occupational licensing. If we can't get rid of it, perhaps we can just start it in prison?

22.  This is interesting. CNN recognizes that war increase new viewership, perhaps? Because it turns out....

23.  Luxury car subscription.

24. My Duke colleague Jack Knight, on political science

Grand Lagniappe:  Remember how you drew cars when you were 5 or 6? It lives.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Monday's Child is Full of Links

1.  Universal state-supplied child care seems like a good campaign plank for Senator Warren. But it's very bad public policy.  If you believe in evidence, at least.  

2.  An illegal AirBnb empire. Whether it SHOULD be illegal....well.....

3.  Clearly, the male-only draft system does discriminate. Anything that employs differences is discrimination, after all.

4.  Prostitution is not the same thing as human trafficking.

5.  Debt. And China.

6.  Whoa. Not hypothetical.

7.  The trolley problem, only real. And a sweet ending.

8.  Jeffrey Sachs is a genius, as he will tell you immediately. But....not always right. And now he's equally confident that the GND is a good idea. Reminds me of "Trade wars are good, and easy to win."

9.  Life among the wokescolds.

10.  NOAA report on global climate.

11.  Minimum wage.

12.  Cell phones.

13.  We live in an age of wonders. This is available for free, whenever you want to watch it. 

Grand Lagniappe:  A possible new logo for Nike?

Sunday, February 03, 2019

Monday's Child is Full of Links

1.  In fairness, what would YOU do, if someone was vigorously urinating on you? From the snake's perspective, this was just self-defense, people.

2.  This is not very difficult. The dude was at a meeting of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, fercrissakes. He can say what he wants. If you don't like it, tell him, or organize your own meeting, party, or movement.  Twitter, same thing: block him, criticize him, knock yourself out. But you can't fire him or punish him on his job. If I have to like everyone someone else says, we're way to close to you having to like what *I* say. And I don't want that.

3.  Who's afraid of Howard Schultz?

4.  Conflicts over western range lands.

5.  Economy comes out of hole, does not see shadow of shutdown.

6.  It is hard to point to instances, at least since 1960, where U.S. "intervention" has had a positive result. For anyone, not even for the U.S. And again. Here is "Two Weeks Notice" on Venezuela.

7. I missed this. Why don't you people tell me things?

8.  Corey Booker. A piece of work.

9.  In honor of the day: Don't drive angry! It is disturbing to think that the "prediction" is decided in advance. But, then, you can just look to see if it's cloudy....

10.  The skyclad Jains and the forest monks.

11.  Trump got slapped, a little bit at least, in ways that might matter.

12. B. Caplan: The unearned compliment of "neoliberal."

13.  I have no idea how much, if any, of this is "real."

14.  I think the tl;dr of this is: "Because we want to bring people together to discuss ideas, we cancelled an event scheduled by a certified student group that would have brought people together to discuss ideas."

15.  This is beyond "1st World Problems." 

Grand Lagniappe (from  KPC friend Mark Perry) :


Monday, January 28, 2019

Monday's Child is Full of Links!

1.  Admitting you were wrong is hard. That's why I never do it.

2. Notes left in parking lots.

3.  The octopus whisperer.

4.  Not clear what the crime is here. The guy chopped up his own stuff. Perhaps it SHOULD be a crime to be 34 and to care that much about your "action figures," but it's not.

5. That 402 error....

6. Reputation index software is inevitable. It's not a question of whether you want it, it's a question of how you are going to deal with it.

7.  I want to be a fan of school voucher programs.  But the evidence is pretty mixed. Or, is it?

8.  Rebel Alliance fights United Federation: Who wins the battle?

9.  Hagfish. That's all, just hagfish. But that's enough.  Still, I wanted to know more about that Prius in the picture.

10. If you only read one thing about the "MAGA boys on the Mall" non-incident, read this. If you read two things, read that and then also this.

11.  Does the right need to "grow up" on environmentalism?

12.  Libertarians ready to scream at vast, empty uncaring sky when government reopens?

13. They detected an odor of vanilla on her breath....Ick. And hard to understand. Even imitation vanilla extract costs more than $0.60 per fluid ounce, and cheap vodka costs $0.40 per fluid ounce or less.

14. Toxic masculinity and the male gaze are phrases I had not even heard two years ago. Yes, that likely says I live in a bubble.  The male gaze, in particular, is obviously important and worth being aware of.

15. Jeffrey Sachs on the campus free speech "crisis."

16.  A frustrating story to read. Mistaken identity and odd sanctimony are a dangerous mix.

17.  It is interesting that middle class white leftists get all upset about inequality, whereas people who genuinely care about the poor (rightly) focus on poverty.  They are NOT the same problem.  And I'm not even sure inequality is a problem in the first place. It is unjust to treat a murderer and a prize-winning high school science teacher the same way.  Isn't it?

18.  Very interesting interview with Barry Weingast.

19.  Tamales.

20.  Pave the muddy paths.

Grand Lagniappe:  This is precisely what it would be like to play checkers with Murphy pup.