Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Pulling the Republican Lever

Bless Wonkette's lusty little heart.

She rescued this, after it was posted to Craigslist and those Stepford Bloggers yanked it (sorry).

Some thoughts:
1. K. Grease, being himself ambidextrous and possessed of an excellent imagination, never had to pay for it, of course. But this service would command a moderate price in the marketplace. Even if clumsily done by an amateur, it would cost $150-200. Is that what a vote is worth?
2. The "what is a vote worth?" question is complicated by the marginal/inframarginal nature of the negotiation. If you figure control of the administration is "worth" $500 million or more, than one vote in Florida in 2000 was worth about $1 million.

Maybe Clinton was more of an innovator than we thought. Kerry doesn't need better TV ads. He needs lots more blue dresses, and a big dry cleaning budget.

(Nod to MT, who pays all the time)

(UPDATE: craig @ craigslist noted (see comments to this post) that the piece had been restored, through the good offices of Wonkette. So...sorry, my bad, forget the Stepford thing; C stepped up. Besides, if you read the next few entries in Craigslist, you'll see that quite a few angry young women suggest that such fellow just take matters into their own hands, and then shut up.)


Anonymous said...

"ambidextrous and possessed of an excellent imagination"

Anonymous said...

ah, I caught it via Wonkette, and restored it.

Anonymous said...

"being himself ambidextrous and possessed of an excellent imagination"??? Interesting...I was always under the assumption that you merely used your own CV as source material. (Word on the street has it that K. Grease googles himself thrice daily.)

At least we now know that you and John Kerry have something in common after all: All of Kerry's h-jobs are self-inflicted, too.

mungowits said...

Given the current state of my c.v., one can see why I need such a good imagination to use it as source material.