Friday, June 03, 2005

He must be one hell of a good cameraman

Consider the following excerpt, from Lenslinger's "Top Ten Things I learned covering Hurricane Isabel"

3) The Bigger the Market, the Cheesier the Anchor.
Like I said, we did satellite live shots for stations across the country, from L.A. to Tampa to Philly to Vegas and all points in between. Without fail, the bigger the city, the more over-affected and cartoon-like the anchor's voice on the other line. I heard enough booming voices and over-enunciation to last a lifetime - or at least until I do another self-serving piece on the local Top 40 radio station. Or a profile on the visiting tent evangelist. Like Sting says, they all sound like game show hosts to me.


Now...cameramen are by nature misanthropic, and with cause, since the slice of humanity on whom they focus their cameras are by and large (1) brain dead, (2) horribly guilty, (3) completely self-centered, or (4) all of the above (meaning news anchors).

But Lenslinger is taking this to a new level. Some news anchors can read things that are NOT in big letters and scrolling down a glass teleprompter, and if someone reads his blog...well, Lenslinger must be a really good cameraman.

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Lenslinger said...

I AM a hell of a good cameraman, one who enjoys calling a spade a spade. But please, if you're gonna sample my work, get out of the archives and check out
There you'll find all sorts of things to ponder on. Thanks for the plug...