Monday, December 26, 2005

Overheard on a field trip....

On our FOCUS: Power of Ideas field trip to DC, I tried to write down the best quotes overheard from the freshmen on the bus and walking around Washington.

Here is my "Top 5" list, in no particular order. All of these actually heard, and written down as close as I could come to verbatim.....And, though I was not trying to make it come out this way, all of these were said by young women. It wasn't that the guys didn't talk; it's just that (a) they talked a lot less, and (b) it was not nearly as...well, you'll see.

1. (Young woman to young man, sharing seat): "How can you not know what 'voluptuous' means? I thought that was what all guys wanted!"

2. (Young woman, extremely loudly, as we drove up Conn Ave): "Burberrys! Stop the bus! STOP THE BUS!"

3. (One young woman to another, conversationally): "Well, I just think that she had NO right to throw up there..."

4. (another young woman to another young woman, conversationally): "And when he woke up, he was totally unconscious."

5. (my favorite, and I am NOT making this up--young woman A to young woman B, both international students): "I was so disappointed to learn that there aren't any stores on the National Mall." (Young woman B): "You mean there aren't? Then why are we going there?"


Josh said...

Very funny post. Although, quote number three was originally a satirical deadpan quote from me that was then recited by another female.

And, quote 5 is priceless and hilarious.

m tofias said...

brilliant. welcome back.

Anonymous said... what's the catch old geezer dude? Were the profs required to point out the few examples of how ideas are not clearly subservient to commercialism/ krass kultcha? This is a post-sexandthecity world baby, ideas are for unfashionable uggos.

Seriously, when I first read this I thought it was a high school field trip for one of your kids or something. Are you required to refund their tuition if they don't learn anything? (Can you even fathom the depth of fulfillment 40K will bring at Burberrys?).

Anyway, glad yer back. What you have to say is always very truthy (word of 2005 -talk about ideas!). But also watch yer back, if a womyn's studies prof. comes across this and alerts these poor misguided women of yer subjugation, well...let's just say it would be worse than wearing last year's Burberry reverse knit mini skirt with this years alligator slingback Mahnolos.