Friday, March 17, 2006

Frank Bi

Frank Bi deserves some credit.

His proposal is the highest concentration of wisdom and dangerous derangement I have seen in...well, ever.

If you realize that J.S. Mill was a Stalinist, you have some idea of how he calibrates the "classical liberal" pantheon of heroes.


Chris Lawrence said...

The Mungowitz finds the wackiest stuff. I bow down to his ability to find the truly bizarre...

bi said...

Actually, the real me doesn't have anything to say about J. S. Mill yet, because I haven't read him. :-B

Incidentally this David Hunter's "Capitalism Party" (which I mentioned near the top) used to have its own web site, but it seems to be down now -- lack of donations, maybe? There are still traces of this brave party all over the Web and Usenet though... :)

-- bi

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