Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Never Mind....Senate is Vulnerable to Take-over

I have confidently predicted that there is no way that the Repubs can lose control of the Senate.

But it appears that was quite wrong.

Who knew that the Repubs would act like a bunch of Catholic Cardinals, and protect their resident pedophile child-abuser? At least the cardinals weren't SUPPOSED to have any political sense. Foley is an incredibly evil hypocrite.

A culture of corruption, indeed. I am surprised at how hard I am rooting for a Democratic tsunami in November. The Republicans are vile, corrupt, morally bankrupt demogogues.

And I say that in a loving way, mind you. What happened to my G.O.P.? Many might say I was always wrong to be a Republican, ever. But something has changed, something deep down inside the party. Rotten to the core.

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Anonymous said...

at least you can recognize your mistakes... the Christian Right has ruined the GOP... sad

I welcome a return to centricity.