Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Self Interest 1, Rawls 0

For the class today over at UNC, A. Rosenberg and I tried an exercise.

Not really a fair test of Rawls, but just thought we'd see.

We bought lottery tickets, enough for the whole class.

Before we handed them out, one per customer, we told the class they had to decide whether to (a) put all the class winnings into a pot, to be shared, or (b) each winner keeps his/her winnings. Alternative b won, about 2-1, in a class of 30.

Most people got nothing. Three people won a dollar. One young lady won $25. And got to keep it all.

So much for the Difference Principle....

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Parrish: The Thought

Carolyn Parrish watch.....

It has been more than a year now since I wrote about Carolyn Parrish

(excerpt: Carolyn Parrish: She stomped a George Bush doll, with boots (she had the boots, not the doll). On TV, on CBC-TV, in fact. Of course, the Missasauga (That's west of Toronto, just west of Etobicoke, actually) MP also critiqued the "coalition of idiots" Bush was leading in Iraq. Linda claimed that CP's real achievement was not getting ink for pounding Bush, but rather for finally getting Paul Martin (who kicked her out of caucus after much "Oh, my-ing") to make a decision on something. HE FIRED HER. I would say that this is a real achievement, but there is a deeper achievement to credit Ms. Parrish with. She hates Americans, but she sometimes talks to one, like Dorothy here. It seems clear that Carolyn Parrish is a loud-mouthed, impolite, unscrupulous self-promoting cretin. In other words, her real achievement is that SHE HAS BECOME an American, in spite of claiming to hate them.)

But...where is the old sea-hag now?

Well, she said this recently: "I think Canada's role in Afghanistan has morphed into something else now. It has morphed into an offensive role. I would prefer if we were involved in rebuilding and providing infrastructure."

Well, sure. Canada doesn't actually send much money to Afganistan. Or soldiers, for that matter. But wouldn't the world be a better place if people would just all get along? If Canadians in Afghanistan and Iraq would stop trying to defend themselves, and just go out and build some houses and roads....there's the ticket.

Streaming Video

When people say "streaming video", this is what they should mean. (If you have trouble with quicktime, there are other options here)

Note that the guys are actually trying. But the women, those few who would try it, are mostly just laughing at how ridiculous it must feel to be a guy, spraying things with Mr. Winkie.

Me? I want one of those target grids for the Mungo house, right away, connected to World of Warcraft. Can you imagine taking down infernals by remote streaming?

(Nod to Stefan. Only Germans can truly appreciate the absurd).