Sunday, October 08, 2006

Genius is never recognized in its own time....

Yobbo's YouTube effort. Genius. "All those flight attendants..." And PETA. Most excellent.

And, evidence that genius goes unrecognized in its own time....and blog.

A Promotion to Report

My friend for nearly 30 years, grad school roommate, and sometimes coauthor Brian E. Roberts has been named chief of IT services at the ginormous campus of UT-Austin.

According to the news release, he has been named "Vice President for Information Technology," and COO of IT. That's "chief operating officer."

Other places this would be called "CIO," or "chief information officer."

Of course, in South Carolina, the job would be "X", accompanied by "Important Guy, his mark" in crayon.

And in Nebraska, instead of CIO, it would be "EIEIO," just like all other jobs.

Congratulations, Dr. Roberts!