Monday, February 26, 2007

Kevin's Brain

Duke has been doing a study of how the brain processes mathematical problems.

My son Kevin was a participant.

We got some cool pictures of his brain.

From the top....(he's wearing headphones, to receive instruction. He doesn't have bones in his ears)

From the back....

They said his capacity to solve math problems immediately was remarkable. Of course, they were READING from the instruction manual, so I think that was a Lake Wobegon kind of compliment.

On Friday night, he and some friends went to a Waffle House, after going to a play over in Durham. I don't know just what happened, but I do know that there were attempts to jump over his car (an old 95 Mustang). The result was a kid in the hospital, broken collarbone, severe concussion, bruised lung. And a dent in the top of Kevin's car.

WHERE THE HELL WAS HIS BRAIN THEN? If someone tells you that they can jump over your car, get in your car and drive away.

Thank goodness he showed the good judgment to go to a Waffle House. If this had happened at a McDonalds, I might have had to take the car away. At least Waffle House is a classy place.


The Unknown Professor said...

Some of the things we miss up North - scattered, smothered, covered, and chunked and a pecan waffle.

Definitely the premier "greasy spoon" in the South.

Anonymous said...

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