Saturday, October 06, 2012

Montana: You're not good

Surprising pretty much no one, Montana was told that it cannot make its own separate campaign finance laws.  "First Amendment Incorporation" is a b***h, I suppose.  Almost all US campaign finance law is simply an attempt to shield incumbents, who are ALREADY CORRUPT, from the scolding winds of scrutiny and competition.

As CCP's Brad Smith put it:

“Few serious people really think that Montana’s limit - a total contribution of $160 to a state senator’s campaign committee over his four years in office - is going to corrupt anybody," said CCP founder and Chairman Brad Smith. "It is clear that the purpose of the many contribution limits is not to prevent corruption or its appearance, but to smother speech. We’re pleased to see a district court take the Supreme Court’s admonition in Buckley and Randall seriously. The state’s and the federal government cannot just assert an anti-corruption interest – their limits have to be actually tailored to address a real problem.”

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