Thursday, February 12, 2015

you can't stop Children of the Revolution

So McDonalds is running a big sale on French Fries in Korea and Japan.

And apparently some young people have a very elastic demand curve for fries.

Here's a recent picture from Japan:

(I think they might need some more ketchup)

and from Korea:

these kids have been getting a lot of heated criticism on social media for these "stunts", but people, come on. This is awesome. It's better art than anything Ai Wei Wei has done in years and it's just not hurting anybody (yes I know "crowding out" and all that but please).

So I salute you, cheap fry loving Asian youths! Long may you reign, and watch out for diabetes and hypertension.


Thomas W said...

Interesting since there was an article in the Economist a month ago talking about McDonalds having a shortage of potatoes in Japan. Perhaps the shortage has been resolved.

Anonymous said...

Did you want to upgrade your order to include large fries, Sir?