Tuesday, March 10, 2015

How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?

Man I was so excited to see this headline:

Tourists to Scotland ‘let down by quality of food’

The piece just writes itself:

If you don't like Scottish food, do as us Scots do and just drink all day.

Going to Scotland for the food is like going to France for military training.

Haggis: it's nae sa bad!

But sadly, the actual piece is just quoting a bloviating blowhard Scotsman complaining that not enough people eat in his restaurant at Gleneagles, which is actually about the most Non-Scottish place in all of Scotland. There's no data given that tourists complain about food quality.

The closest thing in the whole story is this:

Recent research found half of people visiting Scotland want to try local food while two-thirds think quality food is an important factor when dec­iding where to go on holiday.

So to Andrew Fairlie I say, "away wi ye now, ya daft wee cuntie". And to all prospective visitors to Scotland I say go for the hiking, scenery, golf and whisky. By all means, eat if you must. But try to avoid the "local delicacies"


JohnBinNH said...

I had lots of good food in Scotland last summer. I liked the Chinese and Italian places I went to. I liked the fish-and-chips I had four times. I really liked the wonderful "Full Scots Breakfast"-s in the hotels.

It may sound awful, but the smoked fish soup called "cullen skink" was amazing and I have been craving it ever since I got back.

MK said...

Guess those tourists hae nae visited the Aberdoon Stook Hoos: