Thursday, October 01, 2015

Last meals

Oh Oklahoma. you just can't do anything right.

Take the case of this dude Richard Glossip, on death row for murder for hire.

He's already had two last minute stays of execution, this time because the state did not get the correct third drug for its 3 drug lethal injection cocktail.

No matter what you think of the case or of capital punishment, can you imagine being set to be executed twice already and getting last day reprieves and knowing that it will happen again in 37 days?

Jeebus help us all for what happens in our penal system.

Here, by the way, is the menu for Glossip's second last meal:

On Tuesday evening, Glossip received a second last meal: a medium double-bacon, double-cheese pizza from Pizza Hut; two orders of fish and chips from Long John Silver's; and a Baconater and strawberry malt from Wendy's.

I wonder what he'll ask for on his 3rd one. I wonder how many last meals this poor bastard will have.

By the way, here's my last meal request if it ever comes down to it:

Wagyu beef skirt steak(medium rare), mexican-style corn on the cob, risotto, charred brussels sprouts, key lime pie.

I'd like the pie to come from The Tea House in Santa Fe, the steak, risotto and brussels sprouts from Red Prime in OKC and the corn from Passion Latin Fusion in Albequerque.


Unknown said...

Kevin Erdmann said...

This looks like an inappropriate use of the death penalty. But, that being said, Oklahoma's whole issue with the death penalty lately really seems like the quintessential statement on state ineptitude. Killing is the one thing the state is really good at. Obama has a meeting over his morning coffee, and by his afternoon tee time, some family halfway around the world who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time becomes confetti on some dusty street. Easy as punch. No muss, no fuss. It's in the state's wheelhouse.

So, we have this thing, where we are going to kill a guy. We've been planning it for years. Everyone is on board. And, the state just needs to humanely put him under like thousands of doctors do for their terminal patients, surreptitiously, every day, day in and day out, and suddenly the state is all like, "Shit. How do you do this thing? How's this work? Do we need chemicals or something?"

Dave Tufte said...

There was a guy in England in the late 19th century named John Lee who had to be released because they failed to execute him 3 times in a row.

And since Angus periodically recommends music, let me note that Lee was the unifying theme of (what I think is one of) Fairport Convention's weaker albums – "Babbacombe" Lee.