Friday, December 18, 2015

The Thing Itself: An Utterly Corrupt System

The level of corruption of our government is nothing short of remarkable.  Look, a dark-skinned man.  Let's steal all his money.  Because we have guns.  Oh, and badges.  But mostly, because we have guns.

"In April of this year, two Drug Enforcement Administration task force members stopped a man named Issa Serieh at Los Angeles International Airport, asked him some questions, and seized $30,750 in cash off of him. They sent him on his way without charging him with a crime...The complaint states they identified him as Issa Serieh later, during their questioning. The only reasons they give for initial suspicion are the backpack, and the flight from Chicago to L.A."  (Source:  The right-wing WaPo)


Russ Nelson said...

Why should they charge *him* with a crime? It was his money that was guilty without proof.

Pelsmin said...

It looks like this was a case of the government unfairly taking possessions from a criminal who wasn't entitled to them. The guy is a known dealer. The government malfeasance is a bigger concern, because it is an "existential threat" to our way of life, more than any petty drug dealer, but I'm glad the victim had it coming.