Wednesday, February 10, 2016


It appears I am hypothyroid, in terms of blood tests for TSH.

The doctor prescribed the (common) drug Levothyroxine.

There are many possible side effects.  But two of the more prominently mentioned are:
  • Change of consciousness
  • False or unusual sense of well-being 
I don't want to reveal anything embarrassing.  But Angus and I really could have used some of this stuff in 1981.  Because what we were using to change our consciousness and produce a false or unusual sense of well-being was more expensive and harder to get.

Hard to imagine going to the doctor and complaining, if that is the profile of side-effects to expect...


Angus said...

Mrs. Angus takes this. I'm pretty sure it helps her put up with me!!

offby1 said...

I take it ... it ain't makin' me any happier :-|

Unknown said...

@Angus. I was on it before I met and married @mungowitz.