Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Help us Divided Government; You're our only hope!

People, one thing I know for sure is that I really really don't want either of the two leading fools running for president to have any chance to enact their policy agenda.

It's currently popular to argue that voters are ignorant and biased, but hell, so are the candidates!

So as my title indicates, I'm making a plea for our good friend Divided Government to save us yet again.

If you are so messed up that you are gonna vote for HRC, then please please please vote Republican in your congressional race(s) (House and maybe Senate).

If you are so moronic that you are gonna vote for Trump, then it's kind of your moral duty to vote Democrat in the congressional races.

My own preference would be for HRC to be prez but the republicans continue to hold both legislative branches. Her brand of lawlessness I think is more amenable to congressional checks than the Trumpster's.

If you vote for Gary Johnson (and if I vote, that's who I'll vote for), please please please vote for the party that you think is going to lose the presidency when you vote for congress!

So that's it. Pretty simple. You don't need a lot of information. If you somehow conquer your gag reflex and make it to the polls, split your ballot.


August said...

Isn't that what a Trump presidency would provide? If Hillary gets in both Republicans and Democrats will continue the wars. If Trump wins, most politicians will treat him like the Minnesota politicians treated Jesse Ventura.

I hope this will lead to Trump noticing that he can start indicting large portions of D.C. The F.B.I. no doubt has plenty of stuff, and C-span has been recording all these years, as career gov. people get more and more arrogant, and make it pretty clear they are breaking the law. The congressmen must be over the barrel in some way- they haven't even shoved any of these bastards into a jail cell for contempt or anything.

I think both Republicans and Democrats are worried about this. We shall probably hear the monotonous sound of shredders wafting across the Potomac after the initial sounds of screeching die down. From November to January they will engage in an epic attempt to destroy the evidence.

Yes, sure, I wish libertarian ideals would prevail, but even the libertarian party can't field a real libertarian. So, I am hoping for more apple carts being upset.

Craig said...

The deep state (regulatory agencies/executive branch bureaucracy) will work against Trump policies and for Clinton's much more effectively than an ineffectual, divided congress that doesn't have the willpower or resources to stand up to executive branch actions. If you want to limit government influence, vote Trump. Neither is acceptable to me, so I will only vote down ticket.


JWO said...

Many Trump haters forget how hawking Hillary has been. She voted for the invasions of Iraq and Afganistan and evidently pushed for bombing Libya, sending arm to Syria and pushed for putting pressure on Mubarak to step down and to top it all off she is a drug warrior who continues to be against recreational pot legalization. So she looks very neoconish so even I the Republicans hold congress she will be bad. I am left with just hoping that Syria and Libya taught her a lesson.

PeeDub said...

Deadlock. It's not a bug; it's a feature!

Anonymous said...

Fans of divided government were very unhappy during the present administration when the President seized power and promulgated rules, regulations, and decisions that flouted the separation of powers resulting in an all powerful executive. Obama has shown the way and Hillary will follow. The arbiter has foresaken its duty and will continue to find for a more powerful executive under Hillary's Supreme Court appointments.

The better choice is ABC, anyone but Clinton