Monday, October 22, 2018

Monday's Child is Full of Links

1.  Our consciousness of light and color is determined by our language. Or partly so.

2.  Sears, Jim Crow, and the catalog as a subversive force.

3.  Maori hi-jinks.

4.  Magic the Rental Gathering....

5.  If people can sell "unicorn bacon," people, why do we even HAVE a state?

6.  Atwater set Hart up

7.  The election, predicted.

8. Love Gov, season 2, episode 1.

9. The Economics Department of Uber.

10.  CAFE vs Economics.

11.  People like scary movies. So of course they like scary but false claims about danger to children.

12.  As I argued years ago, it makes sense to "mine" landfills for valuable materials. Landfills are not the end of the world. They preserve many useful thing in anaerobic conditions.  And so it comes to pass.

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