Sunday, February 03, 2019

Monday's Child is Full of Links

1.  In fairness, what would YOU do, if someone was vigorously urinating on you? From the snake's perspective, this was just self-defense, people.

2.  This is not very difficult. The dude was at a meeting of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, fercrissakes. He can say what he wants. If you don't like it, tell him, or organize your own meeting, party, or movement.  Twitter, same thing: block him, criticize him, knock yourself out. But you can't fire him or punish him on his job. If I have to like everyone someone else says, we're way to close to you having to like what *I* say. And I don't want that.

3.  Who's afraid of Howard Schultz?

4.  Conflicts over western range lands.

5.  Economy comes out of hole, does not see shadow of shutdown.

6.  It is hard to point to instances, at least since 1960, where U.S. "intervention" has had a positive result. For anyone, not even for the U.S. And again. Here is "Two Weeks Notice" on Venezuela.

7. I missed this. Why don't you people tell me things?

8.  Corey Booker. A piece of work.

9.  In honor of the day: Don't drive angry! It is disturbing to think that the "prediction" is decided in advance. But, then, you can just look to see if it's cloudy....

10.  The skyclad Jains and the forest monks.

11.  Trump got slapped, a little bit at least, in ways that might matter.

12. B. Caplan: The unearned compliment of "neoliberal."

13.  I have no idea how much, if any, of this is "real."

14.  I think the tl;dr of this is: "Because we want to bring people together to discuss ideas, we cancelled an event scheduled by a certified student group that would have brought people together to discuss ideas."

15.  This is beyond "1st World Problems." 

Grand Lagniappe (from  KPC friend Mark Perry) :


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