Thursday, April 14, 2005

Green Light!

Wow. I have always thought it was true, but now it is confirmed by F.I.R.E.

Duke University is listed as a "green light" university. Which means:

"Green light" institutions are those colleges and universities whose policies nominally protect free speech. We say "nominally" because our assessment is based solely on the published policies, not on the actual implementation of those policies. Some colleges disregard their own policies in practice or use them in unreasonable ways. A green light assessment does not mean that administrators on a given campus respect free speech—only that the university's policies do.

My experience is that our administrators do, too. Respect free speech, I mean.
(Sure, there was that Larry Moneta thing with the water buffalo, but that was when he was at UPenn...)

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Anonymous said...

Mike, this report is like two years old. Get with the times!

The real question is the cause of Duke's Green Light--is it the doing of a wise, growing academic bureaucracy or have we been successful in making the bureaucrats afraid of the consequences for trampling on the right to open debate?

Let's see what happens when there is an Affirmative Action bake sale.