Friday, June 16, 2006

I don't think they are kidding...

Wow. Quite a site. They MUST be kidding, but still...

Here are the first four FAQs and the answers:

1. Can I get a signed photograph from Leader Kim Jong IL?
Soon the KFA shop will offer such article. (NOTE FROM THE END: THIS MEANS "NO."
2. Can I send a letter to North Korea and get a penpal in North Korea?
You can send the letter if you have an valid address and contact person. We provide no service for penpal friends. (NOTE FROM THE END: THIS ALSO MEANS "NO.")
3. Can I emigrate to North Korea and live in North Korea?
It's possible only in very special situations and having honor/merits. You must send a request letter stating your reasons, together with your complete CV, copy of your passport and certificates to (CERTIFICATES?)
4. Can I work in North Korea as a teacher/interpreter/(other)?

Thanks! That's all very helpful.


(nod to MWT)

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Simon Spero said...

The North Korean Press Agency web site is mind-blowing; anecdotes about Kim Jong Il are gripping.


Pyongyang, May 9 (KCNA) - General Secretary Kim Jong Il visited film makers who were engrossed in the production of a film in late Juche 57 (1968). At that time, they had some problems in the film production because they let the hero sing songs as before.

It made it impossible for the hero to properly portray the ideological and thematic contents of the film.

Acquainting himself with the fact, he said it was difficult to show the inner world of the hero in the film by making the hero sing songs personally, and recommended them the introduction of Pangchang (off-stage song) in the film.

The introduction of Pangchang helped fully show the inner world of the heroes with new scenes and lead the film to a profound dramatic world.

From that time, Pangchang with a great artistic potentiality has been introduced extensively in Korean films.