Friday, June 23, 2006

We Support All Free Speech That We Support

Republicans don't have a Herbert Marcuse to give them cover (however imaginary) for their efforts at repression of spending and speech.
Excerpt from the linked piece:

Republicans, of course, used to be against allowing politicians to decide what's good (legal) and bad (illegal) speech -- because, oddly enough, when politicians have that power, they tend to come to the conclusion that any speech that could cost them their jobs is the bad kind. A president named George H.W. Bush vetoed campaign-finance reform. Speaker Newt Gingrich did everything he could to keep such bills off the House floor in the 1990s, and Majority Leader Trent Lott did the same in the Senate.

But, now, all the Repubs have is this guy.

Or, soon they will. He has 2008 Prez written all over him.

(nod to Anonymous. You know who you are....and so do THEY)