Monday, July 10, 2006

Bourke's Corner Kick

Heartfelt props to Bourke Report.

My man B connected up my rant about TNR with my query about Materazzi, and provides an excellent link to boot (soccer joke).

Check this excerpt:
Just before the last period of overtime (before the penalty kicks) when I watched the game earlier on ABC the camera was focused on the stadium ceiling. But when I came home and watched the replay of the game on Univision right before Zidane goes back on the field it appears the French coach grabs his arm to tell him something, Zidane pulls it away and snarls something at him.

The reason I even mention this is that Zidane's timing seemed to be completely awful! A bit too awful. Zidane leads the team to the final, knows full well he is a premium penalty kicker, and head-butts the Italian player in front of the whole stadium right before the penalty shoot-out! He had to know he would get kicked out for that. He not only left France with a man down but also weakening their chances to score during a penalty kick situation.

I propose that the argument on the pitch was secondary. The real reason was because of some unknown altercation between Zidane and the French coach. Zidane was angry and decided to get back at the coach by getting thrown out of the game in a flamboyant way.

World Cup soccer differs from professional wrestling only in that no one pretends professional wrestling is real.