Thursday, January 11, 2007

Obesity Reduction and Health Promotion Act

"The well-intentioned desire of Congress to help the poor apparently will
not be restrained by the rules and principles of the free market that
otherwise do restrain American businesses and workers. Apparently Congress
can change the rules that otherwise affect the affairs of mankind. And so,
Mr. Speaker, I have asked my staff to draft a measure I call the Obesity
Reduction and Health Promotion Act. Since Congress will apparently not be
restrained by the laws and principles that naturally exist, I propose that
the force of gravity--by the force of Congress--be reduced by 10%. Mr.
Speaker, that will result in an immediate weight loss for every American."

-- Rep. Bill Sali (R-ID), during debate on minimum wage legislation on the
floor of the House

(Nod to KL)


matt said...

Isn't it Madame Speaker?

matt said...
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Mungowitz said...


I think that was during the summer.

Shoulda said....

Dirty Davey said...

I find the contrast interesting. When the issue is the minimum wage, American employers are devoted to the notion that the market should set the price. When the issue is the inability to find legal workers for low-paid jobs, however, the same employers never seem to consider the obvious market-driven solution of raising the wages until the positions are filled.

Anonymous said...

Mungowitz, I am a bit disappointed that you didn't sign the letter that was recently circulated RE: the LAX case. The letter seemed very reasonable and well thought. Made me feel proud, once again, to be a sophomore at Duke. Why didn't you sign it? You are part of the Econ Dept, aren't you? (Even if your main job is in the PS Dept).

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