Thursday, June 03, 2010

Bill Lumaye Show

Did Bill Lumaye show, 4-5 pm on Thursdays as always.

Talked about LLRW decision (which I used to work on, with Dennis Coates...especially these papers from long ago...

Coates, D., and M. Munger, Strategizing in Small Group Decision Making: Host State Identification in the Southeast Compact, Public Choice, vol. 82 (1995), pp. 1-16.

Coates, D., V. Heid, and M. Munger, Not Equitable, Not Efficient: U.S. Policy on Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, vol. 13 (1994), pp. 526-541.

Interesting that the Sup Ct finally decided that the NC could keep the $80 million they stole.

But then we talked about....of course, Armond Galaraga. Callers leaned toward "leave it be," and Dutch Boy wrote an email to the same effect. Dutch Boy said:

For the record: keep the bad call from last night, painful as it is. I hate even the instant replay on the homers.

I don't know. I agree about the bad call being uncorrectable. But the home runs thing is easy to fix, and doesn't take long.


Lenin3 said...

Dr. Munger,

This is an easy fix too, since the offending play was also the final out, it would not change the outcome of the game. Moreover, the record books have been changed before; Fay Vincent culled 50 no-hitters from the record books.

Finally, the commissioner could declare it a perfect game without changing the boxscore.

Angus said...

No, no no no no, Mungo. You gotta change the call. As the previous commenter points out, it was the last out and would have ended the game. No hypotheticals are required. Justice can easily be served.

Now, I personally think the 85 Series should be retroactively awarded to our Cardinals, but I agree that that would be a stretch.

Giving Galaraga his perfect game is a no-brainer.

Lenin3 said...


I had the privilege of sitting in on a class with Dr. North. He was all about strict, explicit rules of the game. His interlocutor, Dr. Drobak, was about flexible, informal rules. Is this the nub of this conflict?

I understand the problem with Selic's change of the call. It really opens the floodgates, but must baseball be ruled by some sort of constitutionalism?

REW said...

Galaraga will come to appreciate how much the memory of his feat will be enhanced by the blown call. Most perfect games are forgotten in short order. This one will have legs, even if the commish leaves it as it was called.

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The Septic Tank Blog said...

The Septic Tank Man Loves it.