Friday, June 04, 2010

here be monsters

It is really freakin' hot here in Angusland. Dry too. Luckily for us, our local newpaper has decided to publish water conservation tips.

Like this one:

"When you give your pet fresh water, don't throw the old water down the drain. Use it to water your trees or shrubs."

People, can I get a WTF?

What kind of pet does the Norman Transcript think I have, a full grown African elephant? A camel?

Would my shrubs really notice the remnants of my dog's quart sized water bowl getting dumped on them at night?


kebko said...

The main advantage, especially now that it's been in the paper, is that if you water your front yard this way, your neighbors will see what a conscientious & enlightened person you are - unless you're Munger's neighbor. (He would be unimpressed, for starters. But also, you probably wouldn't dare ever go into your front yard or open your blinds, anyway.) ;-)

David said...

Based on this tip, it sounds like you Okies must also be shaving your pet mastadons and woolly mammoths:

"Turn off the water while you shave and you can save more than 100 gallons a week."

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