Monday, March 03, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  I am the Eye in the Sky, Looking at you; I can read your mind. I am the maker of rules, Dealing with fools. I can cheat you blind. Operation:  Optic Nerve.

2.  Impressive.  These four male policemen were able to subdue this young woman, once she was handcuffed, and force her arms up behind her.  Of course, she had it coming.  She had jaywalked while jogging.  On 24th Street, in Austin, TX.  Where I jaywalked all the time, while jogging.  I assume Dirty Davey will offer his usual defense of police brutality, about how it's all for the greater good.  We should just shut up and be glad the state loves us.  You do have to like the Police Chief, who actually said she was lucky the police didn't rape her.

3.  My insurance for nothing, and my checks for free.

4.  If our President can win a Peace Prize just for entering office, it makes sense to give a career news excellence award for just three days of newscasting.  Right?

5.  Even now, it's still true that voting is easier in NC than in most states.  Longer early voting, easier absentee.  Yet Dirty Davey will, once again, complain.  I don't know about you, Davey.

6.  Ser Maduro? Esta duro.

7.  This is what these kids will tell their therapists, 25 years from now.  "They gave me a lemon..."

8.  Extremely cute elephant/dog action.

9.  Daisy has a better life than you do.

10.  Russian Western, which is different from Western Russia.

11.  Very interesting.  Hotel room "speculators."  It's not illegal to "scalp" hotel rooms

12.  "The Bachelor" is icky.  Really quite icky.

13.  Too many choices bad?  Dilbert thinks so.  "Studies....that doesn't sound like a real thing."

14.  Interesting piece on "value," "price," and tuition.  Duke is a bargain, even at full tuition price?  Depends on whether you think that price should equal average cost, or marginal cost.

15.  In Russia, paper protests YOU!

16.  The odd thing is that people on the left believe that the police are there to protect our rights.  Perhaps in an ideal world.  But then in an ideal world we wouldn't need police in the first place.  And we certainly don't need this.  They claimed she was going to be charged with "Felony driving in the HOV lane."  Nice.

17.  The doughnut shop in the YMCA is refusing to sell doughnuts.  Question:  Why is there a doughnut shop in the YMCA?  The nice part is that the "low-fat muffins" are actually much worse for you than a doughnut.

18.  Out in the crosswalk....

19.  In honor of the can have fun and make a show without technology.  Or a script.  Or talent.  Still, fun.  Infectious.  I wanted to dance like this.  Actually, I do dance like that.

20.  Cheese is performance art.


Anonymous said...

"The odd thing is that people on the left believe that the police are there to protect our rights."

Who "on the left" actually says this?

Anonymous said...

According to Brett's analysis, I think he might also conclude that slaves had it better than "I" do.

Dave said...
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Dirty Davey said...

When have I ever defended police brutality? You're putting me way in the wrong camp there. I tend to think incidents like this should result at a minimum in the officers being fired and barred from future employement in law enforcement.

John Thacker said...

Oddly, Dilbert's boss seems to be more correct here. Subsequent studies have failed to replicate the original famous jam study. The mean effect size of more choice seems to be zero. More links here.