Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  Okay....ewwww.  But the guy is British.  What did you expect?

2.  Ouch.  Doggy brain freeze.

3.  Only in America:  Farmers bored in winter, but have excellent equipment.

4.  One way of ensuring "equality" is to punish the smart kids.  If school sucks for most, it must suck for all.  Or something like that.

5.  Lou is subjected to rhetorical questioning.

6.  Paul Samuelson's favorite pickup line.

7.  America!  Where children of five can learn calculus, but adults of twenty-five still never learned it.

8.  Sock puppets on parade!

9. What if they had a spelling bee, and ran out of words?  If only there were a book of some kind, one that had a list of words...and pronunciations....and definitions.  Now THAT would be useful.

10.  Okay, so youse better listen up, see?  Either youse stop this global warming, or the guac gets it in the neck!!

11.  Pretty long, but pretty cool.  Sliced bread.

12.  Self-segregate?  Really?  In my experience, being in a frat made it necessary to deal with people who didn't really like you, and vice versa.  Because you were all in the same organization.  GDIs hang out with much smaller, and more selected, groups.  GDIs self-segregate, IMHO.

13.  Hashtag:  #nosavesies .  Story from Philadelphia (of course).

14.  Write your own joke here.

15.  You are welcome to disrupt my lectures.  That way, they might remember SOMETHING.

16.  So many ways to go with this one.  Just write your own jokes...

17.  Mmmmmm....bacon.

18.  Poorly worded headline, or did they really try to land over the official's son?

19.  Something to watch if you are sad.  Because it's hard to be sad when you hear this.

20.  I think the "rocket cat" is an excellent idea.  Not so much as a weapon as a hobby.  But then I don't much like cats.

21.  La-la-la-la-la-la-la!  Come on to the mystery barge!


Hasdrubal said...

#20: Setting animals on fire worked out well for Hannibal, so why not try variations on the strategy?

John Covil said...

Since we're going all anecdotal on #12, in my experience as a "GDI", the Student Wolfpack Club represented a large, diverse crowd with which to socialize and make lasting friendships. TIFWIW.