Monday, June 15, 2015

Goin' All Boudreaux: Paying Attention....

So, Gene Nichol (who I like, personally) wrote a piece about ID requirements.

I had to respond.  So I went all Boudreaux on him.


It appears my good friend Gene Nichol has done some field work and discovered (“An unforgivable quest for ID,” June 12 Point of View) that government agencies are inefficient and that state “service” workers are rude and indifferent to the public. 

 Until now, it seemed that he wanted the state to run nearly every aspect of our lives. But he has seen the light. 

Well, better late than never! Everyone becomes a Libertarian eventually, if they are paying attention. 

Michael Munger

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ConnGator said...

Thank you!

I read that article (as I live in Raleigh) and I kept thinking the same thing: the problem is the government!