Saturday, June 13, 2015

Lemonade Scofflaws Brought to Justice

I guess I just read the news differently from most folks.

When most people read this, they seem to think, "Those terrible police!"


Television station KLTV reports that 8-year-old Andria Green and her 7-year-old sister, Zoey, will take only donations for lemonade Saturday in Overton, about 120 miles east of Dallas. 

A police officer on Monday approached the stand, which offered lemonade for 50 cents and "kettle korn" for $1. In patrol-car video, the officer can be heard asking the girls' mother, Sandi Evans, for a permit. She says she wasn't aware they needed one. 

A family friend went to City Hall to get one. Authorities waived the $150 fee, but said health department officials needed to inspect the stand. Overton's police chief says police must follow state health guidelines.

When I read it, I think, "Well, I don't fault the police.  The people that run 'em got 'em on a short leash."  (Yes, that's from Corporate Avenger.)  They have to enforce the law.  That's their job.  The law has specific meaning, and is made up of words selected by legislators, NOT the police.  These words, and not some other words, are THE law.  One law for everybody.  If it's a law, the police have to enforce it.  Not only is the police chief right, he is obviously right.

The THING.  The THING ITSELF, folks.  The law is an ass.  If you want less injustice, have fewer laws.  I don't fault the police.  And you shouldn't, either.


LoneSnark said...

Any response to the theory that "the police refusing to enforce unjust laws" is just one more layer built into the system against tyranny? After all, if the legislature intended for the police to enforce all laws regardless of their own judgement, they would have more serious punishments in place for the police officer, which as long as the officer's boss agrees with the officer, there are not.

Anonymous said...

No laws -- no crimes. Makes sense.
No need for police, jails, courts,... sounds like utopia.

curtisimo said...

Anonymouse, fewer laws ≠ no laws.

LMM said...

@LoneSnark. I agree. Mungowitz apparently doesn't remember the time a copy stopped him in his BMW doing 80 in a 45 mph and let him off with a warning because the copy had voted for him in the governor election.

Tarrou said...

Amg, a corporate avenger reference! Squeee~!