Friday, July 24, 2015

John McCain

I have never understood why people love, or even tolerate, John McCain.  That's not to say that Trump's thuggish attacks are justified.  But on the merits, why think John McCain is good at anything?

I have a suspicion that a group of Dem "dirty tricks" folks posed as Repubs, and tried to get McCain the nomination as a joke. And they are still laughing that it worked.

There is really no other plausible explanation. You can just hear the meeting, after lots of beers:

"Okay, seriously, what idiot can we try to get them to nominate?"

"Jeb Bush?" "No, Bush name is toxic now in 2007. No way they'll go for it."

"I've got it! No, really, I'VE GOT IT! John.....McCain!" (Everybody in room breaks up laughing). "No....the Repubs are stupid, but they aren't THAT stupid."

"Seriously, it's genius. He calls himself a 'war hero,' and nobody in that country club bunch would have the balls to challenge him on his actual policy views. And all the other candidates will split the vote of the conservative voters. It's perfect."

(And so they agreed, and McCain was the nominee). I bet it happened just that way.


Anonymous said...

I have never understood why people love, or even tolerate, John McCain.

He refused repatriation out of order. That's enough for a lifetime of respect from this American.

Pelsmin said...

They love him because he's a Maverick! He's all mavericky. When the Republicans do something stupid, he's not afraid to get up in their faces like some kind of...maverick...and tell them they're wrong! And when the Democrats need to peel off one vote from the other side, they can count on the Senator who votes with the Dems more than any other.

The press loves politicians who are willing to ruffle the feathers of their own party, not just the Republicans who do it. Just look at Joe Lieberman, when he broke with Dem orthodoxy and said he felt Clinton behaved immorally, and when he said Bush was acting to defend the US after 9/11. Didn't the press love him for that? Uhhh, I mean, maybe Zell Miller, who addressed the RNC convention. That turned out well for him. Didn't it?

John Thacker said...

He repeatedly sponsors bills to repeal the Jones Act, as he did again this year. That's a great policy view. He's also quite good at opposing the stupid ethanol policy and sugar policy that we have.