Tuesday, July 07, 2015

They ne'er shoods hae bann'd us

People. KPC has always been at war with Scotland.

1. No the bread is not a half meter in diameter.

2. That pink bit on the left is called "bacon" (really).

3. Scottish hens are so Scottish that they only lay eggs that big.

Here's the manager of the establishment that served up this monstrosity:

“Everyone was given appropriate training so we make sure that it’s according to our standards"

Weel dain, lads. Weel dain.


GeneHayward said...

LOl! Masked inflation un-masked! :)

Anonymous said...

The point is for you to save room for whiskey. Duh.

Joseph said...

One of my annoyances with American restaurants is the "overstuffed sandwich" with too much filling and not enough bread. It looks like in Scotland they went in the opposite direction.