Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hasta El Papel Higienico Siempre?

So, the EYM just returned from two weeks in Cuba.  There were apparently some difficulties.

But there were some remarkable observations, also.  Here is the picture of the iconic image of Che Guevera.  Haven't exactly had the "victoria siempre" yet:

Here is the graph of membership in the CDR, the Castros' house brown-shirts: "en cada barrio," indeed:

And here is the ladies' room at the CDE headquarters/museum (the men's room was hors de combat).  I should note that the phone book with the pages torn out mean exactly what you think that means.

Now, think about that.  This is the museum and headquarters of the CDR.  And THEY don't have toilet paper in the ladies' room. (EDIT:  As commenter Joe Biby notes, "At least you can't leave the seat up."  Because there IS no seat.  Nice.)

Just like in Venezuela.  Socialism:  The cure for toilet paper...


W.E. Heasley said...

The real yellow pages. Yikes!

Thomas W said...

So why is the CDR membership sign pre-printed but the most recent dates are on a piece of paper pasted over it? In fact, it looks like all the dates are pasted onto the graph.

Anonymous said...

Not only are the dates pasted onto the graph, they have inconsistent frequency. The IPCC has nothing on the CDR.