Monday, December 25, 2017

Monday's Child is Full of Links!

1.  When women are infantilized, it is true that they are "protected," but it's not really a good solution. As is argued here: The Warlock Hunt.

2.  I was hoping that this was true, actually. A kind of economic "Darwin test," filtering out the idiots. But it was a hoax.

3. Might taxing tuition waivers actually help grad students?

4. Steve Saideman on the imaginary fauna that infest the minds and worlds of academics....

5.  Pitching for the Cardinals...forever #39.

6. Idiots welcome! You can write for the Guardian, about economics.  A response, in which what economists actually do is discussed.

7.  Democracy dies in banal assertions of administrative privilege.

8. CoHE piece on Koch Foundation.

9. A famous NC "yarn": Horace the Christmas mule. It has a sad ending, but shows that voters SOMETIMES get it right.

10.  Those Illinois bonds. It's not going well in the Spendy City. If it were a private firm, Illinois would be forced into bankruptcy by unpaid creditors. As it is, those creditors just have to learn not to loan anything to Illinois or sell anything to Illinois.

11. Our favorite headlines: "Loud orgies of Mexican fish could deafen dolphins, say scientists."

12. Clinton voters can't even stand the thought of talking to Trump voters.

13. Proof of time travel.

14. Old guy named Munger says "Avoid Bitcoin like the plague!"

15.  Peak Prosperity (David Collum) on the year that was. And some more.

16.  WTF? No, really, WTFingF?

17. Postal workers going "postal" is not that unusual, though it is sad. But since it was OHIO, the guy went the extra mile and did the whole thing...naked.

18.  Economics Detective on "Biker Gangs."

19.  This is very sweet. Nothing ironic, nothing hidden. Just sweet.

20.  This is your baby's brain on Dad.

21.  The REAL war on Christmas.

Grand Lagniappe: It's a shame to see how all the great child actors go to seed, worn down by drugs, sex, and hard living. Another example. Sad, really. Once hung out with Skywalker, now can't even a afford a handicapped walker.

Along those lines....some ageless icons are actually ageless. Or apparently so.

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