Friday, December 24, 2004

The Cadillac Song

My older son, bless him, likes classic rock. (No, I don't mean "Nirvana." I mean from the 1960's and 1970's.)

I was driving carpool down to RCHS, and we were listening to Led Zeppelin.

One kid says, "I think they played this song at a Renaissance festival." You know, the flutes and stuff. I hate everything.

Five minutes later, another kid says, "Listen! The Cadillac song!" I'm tempted to drive into a bridge abutment.

When Bob Seger let "Like a Rock" (once a terrific song, to me at least, about lost youth) become the Chevy jingle, I guess I could handle that. But now "Rock and Roll" is the Cadillac song? Think about the number of levels on which that is wrong. And then shoot me.


Anonymous said...

And you have no right to list yourself as a professional wrestler! We already have a real one in the department


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