Monday, January 17, 2005

Tough Act to Follow. Apparently.

Remembering MLK.

Jesse Jackson does the fire and brimstone thing.

Excerpt from the AP story:

"You can be out of slavery and out of segregation and have the right to vote and starve to death without access to capital and industry," Jackson said.

He added, "You got the birthday. But do you have the legacy? The legacy is to fight for jobs, justice, health care, education and end to war."

"It's easy to admire Dr. King," Jackson told the 650 people at the church. "It's a challenge to follow him."

Apparently actually following the good Dr. is in fact such a challenge that the Rev. gave up some time ago. Running a "Pay me or I'll call you racist" extortion racket is a full time job.

Bill Cosby, by contrast, is angry. Angry at Detroit.

Cosby urged Detroiters to "march against" the problems facing the city.
"Get up. Do something," urged the 67-year-old Cosby. "Get up. Remove this reputation. You've got a reputation and it stinks."

Cosby has been traveling across the country in the past few months, speaking to predominantly black audiences about the need for personal responsibility and better parenting skills in African-American homes.

"The poverty and victim pimps will tell you, you don't have time to go out to the schools" to demand a better education for your children, Cosby said.

"Poverty and victim pimps"? I think he means Jesse Jackson.

What is the legacy of Dr. King? What should we do?