Saturday, February 12, 2005

Paul Miller: Statesman

I don't always....often....well, ever....see eye to eye on Paul Miller on most policy matters.

But he is way out front on the Electoral Fairness Act in North Carolina.

That's Rep. Paul Miller (D-Durham, District 29), I mean.

Here's the bill.

It got killed last time. A story about it. And another. And a Green view.

You can keep track of its progress, or not, here.

The changes in 163-96 and 163-97 are the key ones. Going from 2% to just 0.5% of the electorate is a much lower bar for ballot access. And going from 10% to 2% for staying on the ballot means that "third" parties can spend their tiny little amounts of funds on campaigning, instead of trying just to get back on the ballot.

Is there some self-interest in this? Sure; I fully expect to run for Governor of the State of North Carolina on the Libertarian Party ticket in in 2008. But that's not the reason Rep. Miller put this terrific bill in the hopper. He disagrees with me just as much as I disagree with him.

This bill benefits the Greens, the Libertarians, and any other group that wants to have a voice in the state. Look, we may not have a chance to win. But all the more reason we shouldn't have to wear a gag.

Support HB88, the Electoral Fairness Act, and give some credit to Representative Paul Miller.


Anonymous said...

The Green Party scares me.

Anonymous said...

I like the bill, but if you think it has a chance of passing, what've you been smoking?