Sunday, February 13, 2005

So Bloggy Together

Denizens of Blogania (present company, especially readers, excepted) may not be the most social people. When you consider how we flame each other in the virtual world, there may be some questions about how we actually deal with each other in the "real" world.

That's why it was great that there was such a successful meeting of blogadacios (and -as) in Chapel Hill yesterday. The good Coturnix describes it, and comes eerily close to how I would expected it to go, also: Expect to go and sit in a corner passively. But, Coturnix ended up (ick!) actually talking to people. And I suppose that was the beauty of the event: there are people behind those keyboards.

Of course, Coturnix really has done some good work in providing a forum for group work.

And Ed Cone also gives a description. For a carpetbagging Mets fan, Ed is all right. This bit of constitutional revisionism is a little over the top, perhaps.

I'm really sad I didn't get to go. This darned job thing. I need to win the lottery, soon. Got any good numbers? Oh, wait, NC has no lottery. Never mind.


Ed Cone said...

Carpetbagger? I'm from Greensboro, and from a long line of Greensborians. My Mets fandom was an artifact of my participation in the ancient southern tradition of drinking heavily in NY for a few years before returning to the family homestead. Withdraw this scurrilous charge at once, sir.

Anonymous said...

I don't even want to think how much is in your 401k...

mungowits said...

Oh, my, I HAVE given offense.

And, an apology is necessary.

I am VERY sorry to have called Ed a Mets fan. There was no need for such cruelty.