Thursday, January 19, 2006

Funniest Thing I've Heard, Too!

Clara, over at Liberty Belles describes a comment in class. Tickled her, and tickled me, too.

I had two profs in grad school, early 1980s, who were big liberals. Every time the unemployment figures came out (1981 was not a good year for workers), Mr. and Mrs. "We Love the People!" would squeal like tenured pigs hip deep in grants.

"Another half percent increase in unemployment! Yippee!"

I was naive; I tried to point out that each 0.5% increase in unemployment was (at that time) about an additional 900 thousand people out of work.

They looked at me as if I didn't understand (they were right). "The sooner unemployment rates go sky high, the quicker we will have "THE REVOLUTION."" (They made quote marks with their fingers; don't blame me).

This belief in the eschaton had become by that time, as for many religions, the focus of the faith. (On the Marxist eschaton, check here; scroll down to p. 159)

We don't need no minority rights; come the revolution, you will all be eating milk and honey.