Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Quirky, and I like quirky

A blog I hadn't seen before.

Very quirky. You are only likely to enjoy it if you are an academic, as it is pretty focused on academia.

But pissed-off yet self-aware academics do make for some great reading.

For example: this is one of the most disturbing videos, at a superficial level, that I can imagine. Setting is that the people talking, in funny voices, have awful diseases of the larnyx. Host appears not to have prepared self for this, and cannot control himself. A cross between Monty Python and a reality show about cancer. You can't help laughing a little at the host's discomfiture, but....well, it's disturbing. Vegreville just passes it along, then does a little more background poking. Ick.

Then there's this. I bet Scott de Marchi, my colleague, does the same thing.

And that is what I mean by quirky. Long live Vegreville.