Wednesday, July 11, 2007


The downside of the possibilities of integrating music videos and movies.
Middle Earth Metal

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This is the worst. The worst video in all of history. Ever.

That's the problem with innovation. You can get videos like this.

UPDATE: John Q. Public nominates the Hoff as competition for worst video ever.

And, on watching....okay, he's right.

So, Dragonforce gets "Worst Video, Amateur Division."

The Hoff wins "Worst Video, Professional Awfulness."



John Q Public said...

i'd like to know your selection criteria. i'd certainly nominate The Hoff under any worst video contest. i suppose it could just be a chemical reaction.

Swimmy Lionni said...

Don't forget to mention it's not an official Dragonforce video, and the goofy dudes singing along and pretending to play guitar are just some random internet nerds.

I think bad music videos are much better when the music is equally terrible. I nominate My Barbarian for worst video, or at least the nerdiest. (They have many more, and they're all pretty much like that.) And don't miss THE HUNGER. This is what happens when bad computer animation software reaches the masses.

Mungowitz said...

Swimmy L makes two good points.

This is NOT a "real" DragonForce video. As my son put it, "Dad, DragonForce is not very serious. But they are more serious than THAT." Fair enough.

And, sure, it helps when the music is really bad. I have to admit I like the DragonForce song. Of course, that may mean that IT IS bad.

Good nominations from Swimmy. Thanks!