Monday, July 09, 2007 you a bigger winkie!

Mea culpa! Should have put this link up before, so loyal fans can do what loyal fans SHOULD do. (Podcast here, for the listening public)

A bonus: one kind reader, the fine folk at Am Econ & Curmud, linked the podcast and the essay. Thanks!

But, thanks even more for having Google Ads on your site.

Since the post was about (as far as Google could tell) recycling, the ad they put up was about recycling! And if you click through, it contains this gem:

Clean Up the Way You Recycle
With an ecopod in your home or office, you will change the way you recycle. Place aluminum cans and plastic bottles into the top and step on the easy-step compaction system to store 50 or more containers. Place glass and other recyclables inside the top bins and you'lll benefit from clean effective recycling that your friends will admire. Order your ecopod today!

Presumably, this kind of exchange takes place, daily:

"Say, Alfred, isn't your penis bigger since you started recycling? I really ADMIRE that!"

"Why, yes, Trip, it is. Thanks for noticing! It's all due to my new ecopod!"

Notice the reason you should get an ecopod. It doesn't say you can make money, save space. It just say, "your friends will admire" you. Wow. Just wow.


Speedmaster said...

LOL, thanks for the kinds words Dr. Munger, that was me. ;-)

My wife and kids listen as well. My 10 year old daughter even sings the 'gonna find out of you price gouged for ice ...' song. ;-)


Shawn said...

I'm not sure how to say this...but that's probably one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time.

You need to be on econtalk every freaking week...the two of you are hilarious. You guys can read the local paper if you want, I don't care.

dave.s. said...

Your post was a stitch, I like it. And you are right on on the unctuous righteousness of recyclers. Still, and yet... here is NYT on theft for recycling:
and there continue to be stories of cars wrecking because they fall into manholes whose covers have been stolen for the metal. Stuff has value, really it does...

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