Sunday, July 01, 2007

Upon further review..... pick of Safin to upset Federer was a bit off as the listless underachiever Safin turned out to be the personality inhabiting the body that day. However, undaunted, I offer up this pick for the women's side: a Williams. Serena is closing in on another match-up with the lil cheater Henin and Venus is heading towards Sharapova. I favor Serena but think it'll be one or the other hoisting the big plate next Sunday.

It probably worth pointing out that these two and Laura Granville are the only Americans left in the women's draw and Andy Roddick (aka Roger Federer's proverbial rented mule) is the only American man left. Right now, Serbia is a greater tennis power than the USA and I blame George Bush for that! On the bright side, its an improvement over the French Open for American tennis as there Serena was the only American to make it out of the third round.

On the men's side, I'll take the field over Federer but that is just out of spite.