Thursday, October 02, 2008

Retail politics comes to Chez Angus

Last night around 5:00 our doorbell rings. I go to answer and low and behold it's Wallace Collins at the door wearing a Wallace Collins shirt and carrying Wallace Collins campaign materials.

WC: "Hello, I'm Wallace Collins" (sticking out his hand for a shaking).

Me: (shaking said hand vigorously) "Yes sir, you sure are".

WC: (getting together a package of stuff from me) "I am running for re-....."

Me (interupting) "I should tell you sir that I am not a registered voter"

WC: "Would you like to become one right now?"

Me: "No sir, it's not by accident or laziness or anything, I just don't vote."

WC: ??????????????

Me: "Look at it this way, I definitely won't be voting against you".

WC: (very pleased with this spin) Well, OK then, have a good day.

Me: "Good luck with your campaign sir".

(ps. if you haven't clicked on the link in the first line of this post, let me assure you it's well worth doing so)


Anonymous said...

This really isn't funny, but it kind of is...

"Honored as 'Outstanding Legislator' by National Association for Mentally Ill (NAMI)"

Robert S. Porter said...

Yay! I'm his special interest!

prison rodeo said...

Me too!

I like this best:

"Swift, sure justice for the guilty - and the innocent"

And here I thought only Republicans were of the "let God sort 'em out" persuasion...

mdesus said...

honestly he's not that bad...

Tom said...

WC is for raising the "minimum wage." Is this just pandering hokum or does he really believe that Mommy Gubament can make things better by threatening people who offer jobs to people with low skills?

I have a mild respect for the quiet, principled non-voter. But don't think they're making any kind of point, because they are lost in the much bigger crowd of truly apathetic.