Sunday, October 26, 2008

Who's your daddy?

“From everything I’ve heard, Babe Ruth only had one home run, and he kept hitting it over and over.”

--Steve Jobs (when asked if Apple needed to make more variations of the iPhone)

People, he walks the walk so he can talk the talk. Apple is now the 3rd largest phone maker in the world and they've sold over 13,000,000 iPhones. And they are making a lot of money doing so:

"The numbers are stunning. In the quarter ended in September, Apple said iPhone sales represented 39 percent of the company’s $11.6 billion in revenue (adjusted for some accounting technicalities). That means Apple sold $4.5 billion worth of iPhones in the quarter."

Here’s another stunner: Apple’s $4.6 billion in revenue from phones is more than its sales of computers. Analysts expected Apple to sell about $4 billion in Macintosh computers and $1.6 billion in iPods in the quarter."

Don't hate the player, pity the Blackberry.


prison rodeo said...

I *think* you mean "13 million," although even that is probably low...

But the real question, Angus, is:

Are *you* on the Apple bandwagon?

(I've found most economists hate Macs, for reasons that escape me...).

Anonymous said...

yeah, 13,000 is definitely not right. Unless each of those phones sold for $350,000.00

Robert S. Porter said...

I hate Macs. And I prefer the PC guy to the Mac guy.

Angus said...

Thanks guys for helping me with my math, 13,000,000 is right and I've edited the post to fix that brain cramp.

I am schizo on Apple. have the iPhone but still use a PC.