Saturday, January 18, 2014

Anonyman: From Law and Order to Disgusted

Anonyman sends this link...

And this email:

1) your program clearly isn't serving the needs of the poor if they are doing this
2) if you put a 77 year old in jail, you've really lost the war on poverty 

After being a law- talking guy for a while, I've come to realize that most of our justice system is really a war on the poor, not poverty. 

Preach, brother.

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Pelsmin said...

Not sure where you stand on this, Mungo. Clearly, this guy was a self-serving crook, who stole a third of the money intended to feed starving people, so he could have the cash and they could buy things the government felt was not essential to avoid starving. He belongs in jail.

As for the recipients of the program, I can't use the word beneficiaries, because they are victims, not beneficiaries. If that's what you mean by a war on poor people, I'm with you.

These programs ruin them, and keep them from raising themselves up. It is incredibly hard to lift yourself from poverty, yes. But these programs make it impossible, because they take the people out of the fight.

That concept, my friend, is the essence of conservatism, and it's why conservatives are so easily painted as heartless.