Sunday, January 11, 2015

No Pride Anymore

There's no pride anymore.  I don't get any good "I'm a Nigerian prince!" spam any more.

And even the phishing is as limp and worn out as...well, the band Phish.  (Tofe, you know it's true).

I got this:  (click for an even more half-hearted image).

So, this is supposed to be from The Google, from Gmail, right?  And the idiot phisher  can't even bother to get a free fake gmail account, even just as a "reply to" address?  They have to send it from OUTLOOK?  How lazy do you have to be to think, "Ah, spoofing a gmail account would take an extra 30 seconds..."

There's just no pride anymore.


Thomas W said...

Here we see the decline of the American University Professor. There was a time when an observation of this sort would result in funding proposals, hoards of graduate students working away, and at least 5 papers and 3 PhD theses documenting the eveolution of online Nigerian prince activity. Instead we see a simple blog post.

Anonymous said...

This is actually a strategy. The people that would reply, would be dumb enough to fall for a fishing scam that would cost them some money. You have been filtered out of that pool, now they can spend their time on the marks likely to bear fruit.