Friday, January 23, 2015

Repeat after me: Kevin Durant is not an all-star, Kevin Durant is not an all-star, Kevin Durant is not.....

Every year, KD goes to the all-star game, kicks ass, and then comes back home exhausted and plays bad (by his standards) for a couple weeks. The Thunder accordingly have a post all-star swoon (by their standards). [I am way too lazy to look this up, but it is based on my experiences and memories as a 6 year Thunder season ticket holder]. Durant hoists a ton of shots over the weekend and then his in game shooting suffers (especially behind the arc) when the season resumes.

Fair enough. He is amazing and it's been a blast going to Thunder games with him on the team.

But this year we can't afford it. The Thunder are 22-20, and sitting outside the playoffs and that's before having to play ATL and CLE on the road this weekend!

KD needs to kick back, rest his foot, and take it easy during the All-star break. Maybe even come down to the Riverwind and play some poker with me, Mark Kaplan, Jim Traber, and Russ!


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