Monday, March 14, 2016

Plucky Brits Break Biscuit Blockade!

People it was touch and go, but relief has come to South Yorkshire in the form of 2 Emirates 777 cargo planes loaded with lovely biscuits!

Now the Yorkies can again say Ich bin ein Bourbon Cream!

Of course, as always, I am not making this up.

Sadly, the article raises more questions than it answers. An airport spokesman says only,

"In the mean time we’ve been delighted to welcome two flights from Emirates full of the nation’s favourite biscuits.”

Did an enterprising Brit just raid the duty free shops in Dubai and send the haul back to Yorkshire?

Is this ODA from the UAE?

Is British biscuit madness actually quite overstated so that biscuit arbitrage like this is generally unprofitable? Is that why it is not happening more widely/frequently?

What would YOU do for a .........

Hat tip to Yana C. !!

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