Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Change in Header

Yes, I took off the "Sed Victa Catoni" bit in the title.

There is only so much space in the header.

And, I figured the picture that took its place is MUCH more interesting. Obscure to hoi polloi, beloved to the cognescenti.

The body language of the twosome is interesting indeed, for those of us who know them.


Anonymous said...

Killer Grease,

So who's the pic of? The resolution is poor, but it looks like LBJ and a secret service guy (who's wife LBJ is probably doing).

mungowits said...

Scan of an analogue photo, stored as bmp, then converted to jpg.

It is Buchanan and Tullock, coauthors and friends.

James Buchanan, winner of 1986 Nobel Prize in Economics, is on the left, with his back turned toward Tullock. Gordon Tullock just looks really uncomfortable. I think the picture is from the mid-1960s.

They are two of most important people in my branch of social science, called "Public Choice."

I hope that Tullock wins a Nobel Prize also, but it is unlikely, on the merits. I don't begrudge Buchanan winning it alone, though, as his contributions in public finance and the theory of clubs stand alone quite nicely.

Anonymous said...

Huh. I thought for sure it was a still photo from an episode of "Mayberry RFD" when Truman Capote came to town and developed a crush on Floyd the Barber.