Thursday, August 12, 2004

A Very Private Affair


Governor McGreevey, of NJ, admitted to having "had an extramarital homosexual affair."

Sign of the times? Was the problem really that it was "extramarital?"

Gay marriage is not legal in NJ; it HAD to have been extramarital.

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Anthony Vitarelli said...

Unfortunately, the media is covering this as if McGreevey is resigning because he's gay, which couldn't be further from the truth. He resigning because he's about to get sued for sexual harassment from his former lover to whom he had given a $110,000/year job, as NJ's Homeland Security Advisor (for which he was about as qualified as I'd be for Duke's starting Point Guard). As KGM has said, "the thing itself is the abuse."

The impact of McGreevey's action for the gay rights movement (in NJ and nationally) remains to be seen. Certainly, if there were no patronage, McGreevey could have made an enormously powerful statement that he was a gay American, would remain governor, and would seek reelection. We'll have to leave that to some other public official courageous enough to be so bold.